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Application Post [Nov. 5th, 2007|01:42 pm]
Peglegs & Gunpowder OOC Community
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Okay folks! So here's our application! Please copy it into a reply to this post, and fill it out!

Please fill out at least one of the following;

Character applying for:

Cannon personality:

Character Background:

Sample RP post:

I've put an example as my first comment here. Right now I'm only accepting applications for crew members to The Last Unicorn. Once the crew's positions are filled, I'll put a spot in here for what position you're applying for - Crew member, Pirate hunter, or Landlubber. No, you can't be a pirate capitan right off the bat. Every good capitan works his way up from the bottom ranks.

From: redhotdrunk
2007-11-05 10:21 pm (UTC)


So here's my example application! Please, attempt to follow suit in my amazingness at applying for RPs! (Jk!)

Name: Nyow!
Please fill out at least one of the following;
AIM: Nyowpotopop
E-mail: Nyowpotopop@hotmail.com

Character applying for: Reno

Cannon personality: A professional assassin, he is a womanizer and loves his booze. He's also a bit of a hot-head, and often an idiot. His partner - Rude - is almost the exact opposite an balances him out nicely.

Character Background: Reno is an infamous pirate capitan from the eastern seas. He grew up working with his father as a pirate hunter. He read alot of adventure books as a child, and always loved to look at the treasures the pirates had stored in the hulls of their ships. At 16 he ran away from home, and bought himself his own ship. Picking up a crew of idiots and delinquents that nobody else would hire, he used what he learned from his own father to navigate the waters and evade athorities. He's had The Last Unicorn since day 1, and is going on 12 years with his beloved ship.

Sample RP post: Reno leaned back in his cahir and propped his legs up on his table. His eyes glanced around the bar, and he noted a fight breaking out across the room... He would have to watch out for that if it got too big. He sighed. He'd gotten to land alive once again... Although he didn't like to think of what had happened to his crew-mates. He had his life, and his ship. Of course that wasn't much anymore. The Last Unicorn was getting on in it's years and after this most recent excursion was popping more leaks then a pregnant woman.
Of course, to fix those leaks he needed money.
He had money, but if he spent it on his boat then he wouldn't have any left for rum.
Mmmmm... Rum.
Oh, but his precious boat!
Boat or rum... What a dillema!
He decided would drink on it, and make up his mind in the morning. Reno raised a hand and ordered another bottle of rum.
Mmmmm.... Rum.
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From: redhotdrunk
2007-11-05 10:39 pm (UTC)

Re: Wheee!

Oh, look. I've accepted my scuuuuurvy-pirate self! Arrr!

This is the type of notice you will get when you are accepted! This is when you make yourself a journal and join us!
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